Casa Vercelli

Here at Casa Vercelli we have a great passion for excellence in the production of beef.  It is a passion that has deep roots in Italian culture. In Italy, good food and quality of the ingredients are something sacred. It is a passion that too has deep roots in the history of the Vercelli family, when, more than 60 years ago, Pietro and Vittorio Vercelli began trading in cattle to be fattened, in Italy and abroad.

Today a new generation has taken over: brothers Alessandro and Gian Luca Vercelli manage the Vercelli Group, a family-run market leader.

At Casa Vercelli, everything is based on quality, a philosophy that ensures that every aspect of the meat and the recipes that are sold on the market are the best. Thanks to this, it allows us to personally guarantee the excellence of our products: we offer consumers only Italian veal of the highest quality and of certified origin.

This approach has taken us to create two new lines of products: “Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli” and “La Selezione di Casa Vercelli”

Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli

Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli offers a varied selection of references: “Ready Meals”, “Ready in the bag” and “Select cuts of Italian veal”. All products are only prepared with Italian veal reared by the Vercelli Group. A fully integrated supply chain guarantees the quality and excellence of our veal.

From farm to table, all stages are gathered under one management. The veal is of the highest quality and the products of Casa Vercelli allow everyone to savour them in the best possible way, with recipes inspired by Italian tradition and innovative packaging that makes cooking easier and faster.

The respect and the rediscovery of traditional Italian recipes is also the basis of the offering by La Selezione di Casa Vercelli. A new way to get closer to the flavours of Italy: an amazing selection of main dishes with select beef cuts, with all the authenticity and taste of the world's most appreciated food.