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READY IN THE BAG FROZEN | IL BRASATO With real barolo wine


With real barolo wine

The real Brasato made with fresh bovine meat, is prepared with the most noble wine from Langhe, first choice ingredients and best aromas from Italian tradition. Unique recipe for enhancing the taste of the traditional Italian Brasato.

Serve a perfect meal

"Ready in the bag" are great to taste, easy to prepare and to be cooked immediately in a conventional oven (not fan-assisted), at the indicated temperatures.

temperatura forno
Defrost thoroughly the product and then pre-heat the oven to 160┬░C
Metodo cottura
Remove the cardboard packaging and place the product in a roasting dish without removing the bag. Pierce the top of the bag with a fork, for example, leaving enough space for the bag to inflate.
tempo cottura
Cook for 120 minutes using a conventional oven (no grill and no fan).
Presentazione piatto
When ready, remove the product from the oven, open the shortest side with a pair of scissors and carefully empty the contents onto a serving dish. When opening and emptying the bag, pay attention to the escaping steam to avoid scalding yourself.